About Us

Founded in 1987, the Society’s purpose is to keep history alive, bring together people who are interested in local history, accumulate and make available material about the area, collect and index historical materials, promote tourism, develop a speakers’ bureau, and encourage genealogical research.

Researchers write the Society for information and assistance in their search for historical data about the county, particularly genealogical. As an all-volunteer organization, the Society makes every effort to help by at least advising the inquirer where to look. Written or e-mail queries are welcome, as well as personal visits. Donations to support our operating costs are encouraged when we provide these services to non-members. All donations are tax deductible

As a focus for research about the region, the Society’s offices are visited regularly by people from around the country. The offices are near the county public library and the courthouse. All courthouse records are accessible dating to 1800 when Tazewell County was formed. Pre-1800 data is kept in the other courthouses which at one time served the residents here, starting with Augusta Courthouse in Staunton, VA.

The Society has nearly 300 members from all over the nation. Membership is open to all.

The Society has an active publications program. It has published six pictorial histories of the county, its towns, and its families. It has also published the comprehensive Tazewell County Heritage volumes I and II. In addition to its own publications, the Society sells a long list of other relevant books and periodicals containing data from the county and Southwestern Virginia region.

The Society publishes the semi-annual Tazewell County Historical Society Newsletter, which is mailed to our members. Limited quantities of individual copies are available at our office.

The Greever House is a meeting place for many organizations, including such hereditary groups as the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution, and other organizations.

We welcome any comments or suggestions about the Society and the contents of this website. Come see this wonderful part of Virginia, the first frontier of the Old Dominion state.

Phone: 276-979-4192
101 Fincastle Turnpike Tazewell, VA 24651